Robust Customization


Featuring: Anouk (38) and her husband Rob, both owners of interior label Robuust Maatwerk, living with their two children in the southern part of the Netherlands in a wooded area.

The home: Anouk fell in love with this old house from 1946. They bought it in 2012 from the first owner. The house has since been expanded with Canadian barnwood, which fits the green environment perfectly.

The style: A family home with arm light, industrial feel with a hint of the past, and lots of garden space. Anouk and Rob love to mix vintage furniture with new designs. The new wooden addition to the original house almost becomes one with the natural surroundings. The perfect secluded home for a family of four.

Jeltje Janmaat
Jeltje Janmaat
County of origin:
The Netherlands
Main Keywords:
Classic, Family, Family, Family home, House, Modern, Natural, Summer
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Steel/metal, Wood, Garden, Concrete, Dining chair, Dining table, Lamp/lighting, White, Couch, Living room, Pouf, Rug, Brown, Grey, Green plant/flower, Blackboard paint, Terrace, Childrens room, Ideas, Wall paper, Bedroom, Indoor-Outdoor