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Featuring: Family Hansen in mid 50’s, with their two teenage daughters.

The home: New built summerhouse from 2017, 350 m2 - directly to Sejerø Bugten in Denmark. Wooden house, with enormous panoramic windows in all directions, the inside and outside floats together. Terrace extends to tree sides of the house. Moss on the sustainable sedum roof.

The style: Simple living with a rustic touch. Minimalistic Nordic design in natural materials wool, wood, leather, glass, stone.

Architect Martin Kallesøe

Kristian Septimius Krogh
Lise Septimius Krogh
Lise Septimius Krogh
County of origin:
Main Keywords:
Architecture, Design, Family, Family home, Holiday home, Minimalism, New built, People, Scandinavian, Sea, Seaside house, Summer, View
Detail Keywords:
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